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About Feel Retreat


sharon fitzpatrick

Sharon Fitzpatrick

Sharron has worked as a healthcare Professional, Clinical Director, and Holistic therapist for over 20 years

She is a qualified and registered Kundalini and Chopra Certified Yoga Instructor. Certified Davidji Master of Meditation Teacher and Ayurvedic Therapist.

She is now the Founder of “feel well-Being Retreat” in Mojacar Spain and has a deep passion for creating a beautiful space for people to relax and learn about the importance of self-care through the amazing ancient healing system that is Ayurveda which combines, Yoga, meditation, massage therapies and diet & lifestyle advice to help bring the body in balance

karen mellers

Karen Mellers

At the age of 14, Karen was diagnosed with Scoliosis of the spine. Conventional medical professionals looked after her extremely well but painted a bleak view of her future including pain, discomfort, breathing difficulties and illness. At the age of 25, Karen met her first Homeopath who helped her start to heal and painted a very different picture for her filled with hope, love and a sense that she could achieve the life she wanted to live.

Karen has gone on to inspire thousands of professional therapists to run successful practices by teaching them how to grow their business so that natural health can reach many millions more people.

Pete Richardson

Pete Richardson

Pete is Co-trainer of our CERTIFIED THERAPY TRAININGS in Spain and Wellness Consultant for Tri Dosha NATURAL PRODUCTS in the UK.

Since qualifying as a professional Reiki practitioner, Pete has trained in a number of other areas including Reflexology and Ayurvedic therapies. He is also a Certified Davidji Master of Meditation Teacher.

Alison Smales

Alison Smales

(IHBC, City & Guilds, VTCT, MGBT)

Alison has worked in the Beauty therapy industry for over 25 years, gaining extensive experience working in 5 star London salons, working abroad on cruise ships for Steiners, running her own beauty business and managing a large beauty therapy section in a London FE College.  .

Alison is a qualified Beauty Therapy Lecturer, Examiner and Internal Verifier, working with the top UK Awarding Bodies. Since moving to Mojacar, Spain, she runs her own beauty business specialising in anti -ageing treatments and non -invasive Aesthetics treatments, alongside her training. Alison is also a qualified Reiki practitioner.

Our products, training and where they came from…

Interviewing the heads of Government, Business and Finance across continents and borders is an unlikely first job for a pioneer of the wellness industry. Tri Doshas Managing Director Sunita Passi left the “challenging” journalistic industry in 2004. By founding Tri-Dosha, her aim was to simplify yet innovate the world of Ayurvedic holistic health to make it more accessible.

Starting with teaching Ayurvedic massage therapy courses in rickety and ramshackle training venues around the UK, Sunita has taken the Tri-Dosha brand of Ayurvedic holistic treatment, mindfulness practices and premium natural products to the world.

Sunita is also an inspirational Wellness Speaker spreading the message of a holistic natural approach to life, and freelance Radio Host at the BBC in Nottingingham. Sharron and Sunita became friends through their love and passion to share Ayurvedva

Feel Retreat is proud to be a Licenced Partner of Tri Dosha CERTIFIED THERAPY TRAININGS and Team Co-ordinator for the HOLISTIC CLINICIAN platform in Spain.

All of our treatment products are from the Tri Dosha all- natural range.

The average person slathers, lathers, rubs and sprays 10 different skincare products on their body every day, and since our skin acts more like a sponge than a barrier, it is believed we can absorb nearly 130 chemicals.

The vast and established knowledge of Ayurveda has highlighted the fact that this can impair good health. Take for example the average woman who wears makeup every day and it is easy to understand how a little dab here and a quick lather there can add up and be absorbed into our system via the skin. With this in mind, we choose not to produce our products with chemicals, erring on the side of safety and purifying natural goodness.

Tri-Dosha is free from animal, artificial fragrance, petrochemical, SLS / SLES or parabens